GP enMotion® Recessed Touchless Towel Dispenser Stainless GP-59466

Technical specs(pdf):

Hands-free, electronic towel dispenser engineered to be recessed into the wall of commercial washrooms for a "built-in" look and fit. Extends only 3" from the wall, 16.4" H x 13.3" W x 8.00" D. Operates on 4 Alkaline "D" cell batteries. Can be converted to AC power with transformer 59472.  Automatically dispenses a single towel when user moves his/her hand in front of the unit's motion sensor. Only available via a one-time, lifetime lease agreement through Georgia-Pacific or authorized distributor. Georgia-Pacific 59466 EnMotion Recessed towel dispenser is an elegant and classy restroom dispenser when your image matters. Don't make customers or staff touch those horrible germ-laden towel handles. They're disgusting . . . and, that's certainly not what you want others to think of you. Rugged stainless steel with a clean, elegant look is perfect for any Class A building, and ideal for hospitals and schools where germ control matters. When your image matters . . . .
Stainless Steel, ea
Manufacturer Part #: 59466